Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

Psittacus Systems Ltd are a software development company who have developed the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) available to date and are leading the way in developing educational technology with our Anti Cheat Software (CEAT™), Classroom Course Management System (TAME™) and our Online Courses (eLearning, eBooks, Videos & More).

Our platform has 1000’s of Companies, with hundreds of thousands of learners completing courses on our LMS 24/7.

With this in mind, we have opened up our system to advertisers who can present their products and services in front of this captive and active audience.

Learning Management System Stats

User Acquisition
The BLE gets around 25.3 million page views per year with 12.9 million being unique and around 2.1 million page views per month.

User Behaviour
Bounce rate of around 22.94% / average session durations of 18 minutes / 144 average session page views

User Device
Millions of sessions - 52.04% on desktop / 38.32% on mobile / 9.63% on Tablet

Male vs Female Users
The BLE Platform is made up of around 62% Female and 38% Male.

User Age Ranges
The highest age range demographic is 25-34 (24.70%) closely followed by 35-44 (24.24) and 45-54 (22.80), before teens and early twenty-somethings.

How it Works

Advertise your products and services in different ways:

Ad Option 1

You can advertise to all users across the entire Learning Management System - Create Banner Ads which are placed throughout navigation areas of the Learning Management System.

Ad Option 2

Why not Advertise on and Target Particular Courses - Upload a 30-second video and then select the course(s) you want to target. Every time your targeted course starts, your video will appear on the course startup, with a direct link to your chosen webpage.

Ad Option 3

A second option for targeting an individual course(s) is within the course itself - Your banner Ad is placed throughout the course with a direct link to your chosen webpage.

To get started, simply create your account, compose your ads and switch them on!

Where Your Ads Appear

Advertise on the Following Courses