Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™)

The Psittacus Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™)

With the increased acceptance of digital solutions for examination and assessment in today's world, the use of new technologies to support the creation and delivery of exams and assessments is becoming more and more commonplace.

As a result, the benefits of delivering exams and assessments online is recognised by Awarding Organisations and education providers, but still many of the systems available do not provide the security required with cheating and identity fraud still a major issue!

Psittacus Systems has risen to challenge and created "Controlled Environment Assessment Tool" (CEAT™)
"You Can’t Cheat with CEAT™"

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The Psittacus Systems Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™) is a web-based, automated remote invigilation software package that uses posture recognition technology, learner lockdown controls and plagiarism detection software to provide a secure online environment for the delivery of regulated exams and assessments.

Examination sessions can be completed at a time and place convenient to the learner, with their examination session being recorded start to finish for later review, with control measures in place to eliminate their ability to cheat.

CEAT™ Features

  • Bespoke exam and assessment development
  • Multiple examination methods
  • Question banking system
  • Exam question analysis, edit and audit
  • Dedicated Server
  • Remote invigilation
  • Live invigilation
  • Exam and Assessment delivery 24/7
  • IP Lockdown
  • IQA & EQA access
  • Fully Branded
  • Posture recognition technology
  • Plagiarism detection software
  • Tutor interaction and feedback facility
  • Multiple grading types
  • Multilingual
  • Unlimited Users

Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™) Plans

Product Feature Budgie CEAT™ PackageBudgie Rosella CEAT™ PackageRosella Conure CEAT™ PackageConure Cockatoo CEAT™ PackageCockatoo Macaw CEAT™ PackageMacaw
Verification Recording 800 Hours 1,600 Hours 2,400 Hours 3,200 Hours 4,000 Hours
Dedicated Server 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 5TB
User Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Exams 100 250 500 1,000 2,000
Plagiarism Scanning 1000/mo 2,500/mo 5,000/mo 10,000/mo 20,000/mo
Bespoke URL

£500 / mo

£1000 / mo

£1500 / mo

£2000 / mo

£3000 / mo

Plagiarism scanning monthly limit is based on 275 words per page

One-off Exams and Low Volume

For a one-off payment of £399.00 + VAT you will have a licence to use CEAT™ for the following:

1 x 60 min exam of up to 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or Tutor Marked Questions

Unlimited number of tutors / assessors / invigilators / IQAs / EQAs

Access to resell our online CPD catalogue

For each additional exam or assessment added to the CEAT™ system, we will charge an additional fee of £150.00 + VAT per exam. Perfect for multiple choice exams!

Psittacus CEAT™ Exams & Assessments Variations

The system is designed to support internal and external quality assurance processes, providing access points for internal and external review.

Multiple Choice Assessments
Multiple Choice
Tutor Marked Assessments
Tutor Marked
Individual Assignments
Individual Assignments
Video Observations
Video Observations

Total Solution for Awarding Organisations & Educational Institutions

Through the Psittacus Systems question bank, universities, colleges and awarding organisations are able to improve the performance of their internally and externally set examination papers, questions and assessments.

The question bank can be utilised to improve the authoring, sharing and construction of an unlimited number of regulated Qualification examination questions.

With an in-depth reporting and auditing facility, the ability to monitor, assess and edit individual questions within the bank is available at the click on a button. The questions can then be reviewed, commented on and amended before either being accepted into the bank ready to use or rejected.

The question bank system enables you to map a question to multiple learning outcomes and assessment criteria, across multiple Qualifications streamlining the development process. This combined with the Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™), offers you the ability to develop online exams with the additional security of the CEAT™ anti-cheating features.

Exam Cheating News


Reports are out stating that cases of cheating in regulated exams is on the rise and is a bigger problem than ever!


The Psittacus Systems Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT)