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Online Course Creation

Online training has become one of the most widely used types of training for individuals and companies alike due to the convenience of study and the cost-effective nature of completing training online. Therefore, creating and selling courses online can be very profitable.

Many of our clients have courses that are very popular in the classroom but want to be able to reach a wider audience. With our online course creation service, turning your courses into an online format to be delivered via the Psittacus online training platform has never been easier.

With the ability to reach an ever increasing number of people and organisations using online training, customers adding their own courses to the Psittacus online training platform have increased their revenue whilst also reducing their delivery overheads by up to 70%.

Psittacus Systems are experts at creating an engaging and visually rich online learning experience, while offering you access to a sales team of over 200+ resellers to sell the courses for you.

Once your course is on the system you have the option to course exclusivity, or whether you want our wider reseller network to have access to the course to sell as well.

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Course Types We Create

eLearning courses are designed to be interactive to help learners stay focused and engaged in the learning they are faced with.

The courses require the learner to perform small actions within the course, revealing further information, or quiz questions to help them reflect upon previous course content they have studied.

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eBooks are electronic versions of Distance Learning Workbooks, usually in PDF form, which can be read on a computer, a laptop, or a specifically designed handheld device, for example, tablets. They are text-based courses that appeal to learners who prefer to learn through reading.

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Video learning is a useful alternative to e-learning as videos can be shown to large groups of people, which can be very useful in classroom-based learning and work-based courses.

The other advantage of video learning is that for some learners, images can better engage with them; traditional eLearning or eBooks can be seen as “boring” for some learners. Video learning can solve this problem by making learning more fun and easier to retain.

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Distance Learning courses are ordered through the platform and the workbooks are printed and posted directed to the delivery address provided. The course can be studied at the learner’s leisure, with various reflective activities through the courses to help them retain their learning. The benefit of this type of learning is that the learner is able to keep the workbook for future reference.

Learners will be provided with a bespoke ‘Activation’ code within their workbook that will provide them with instructions on how to register and retrieve their final course assessment.

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Distance Learning

Have you thought about taking your Regulated Qualifications online? Now you can! Psittacus Systems can work with you to build your qualification portfolio or regulated exams into an online format to be hosted on the UK's #1 LMS, delivered through the only patent protect Online Invigilation software around.

Talk to us about the various options available to you and see how we can help take your qualification delivery to the next level.

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Summary of How the Online Course Creation Works

Design & Creation of Your Course

Cost / Timeframe
The costs and timeframes associated to this process are quoted on a case by case basis as each course is, by its very nature, completely different.
Go Ahead
Once received by your account manager and costs agreed, work will start on turning your course into an engaging and visually rich eLearning journey.
Course Completion
Once your course is complete, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), offering you assurances that your Intellectual Property (IP) is safe.
Click here to view our non-disclosure agreement

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Making Money From Your Course

A fee per course is agreed and charged every month
Branded platform to sell, assign and manage your learners
You set resell fee for the course
Your course is added to the Psittacus reseller network
Monthly report produced of course sales
Invoice us 70% of the set resell fee for monthly sales
Get paid the following month
Call Our Sales Team 0808 164 2331

Authoring Tools

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Online Course Creation Hints & Tips

One of the main issues faced in this area is the sheer volume of information that you have in various documents, files, books or simply rattling around your head. Getting this down on paper can be quite a tricky process.

The skill at this development stage is not just about what should be included in the course, but what should be left out as well. By ensuring that you have designed engaging & relevant course content. We will help guide you through this process.

Ensure that each learning outcome has content that aligns to it

Try to keep any unrelated material down to a minimum or leave it out completely

Ensure the content you create has a ‘Flow’ to it and that it isn’t jumping from one area to another and back again

Group together similar themes in the form of ‘Modules’

Ensure the final assessment questions for the course cover all of the learning outcomes

Regularly review your course material to ensure that it is up to date and still fit for purpose