Training Administration Made Easy - TAME™

TAME™ (Training Administration Made Easy)

Our TAME™ (Training Administration Made Easy) System is a software package developed by Psittacus Systems, supporting training providers to streamline and optimise their back-office training event management processes for tutor-led-training.

The system is designed to support the delivery of classroom-based training by providing one solution for the management of tutors assigned to both in-house and external training events. As a result, TAME™ enables the dissemination of relevant training resources, documentation and certification, whilst also providing an in-depth tracking, reporting and auditing system for tutor-led-training programmes.

TAME™ is a stand-alone training event management system whilst also having the capability of integrating into the Psittacus Blended Learning Environment (BLE), therefore enabling training organisations to manage both their classroom and online training portfolios from one LMS portal.

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TAME™ Features

TAME™ Screenshots
  • Tasks / Equipment Checklist
  • Course Materials Upload / Download
  • Individual Day Scheduling
  • Unlimited Template Creating
  • In-Depth Reporting Suite
  • Manage Learners
  • Manage Tutors
  • Manage Customers
  • In-Depth Auditing
  • Direct Messaging System
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Google Maps Advertising / Booking
  • Tutor Expense Management
  • Automated Attendee Forms
  • Automated Reflective Practice Forms
  • Auto Generated Certificates (PDF)
  • Calendar System
  • Branded Certificates
  • SMS Messaging (upgrade)
  • Offer Extra Online Courses
  • A Ton More Features

TAME™ Pricing

Based on max. 30 delegates per event

4 x Admins (£100 / one-time per extra admins)

£1 + VAT per delegate above 30

Branded system

Bespoke certificates

12 month subscription

No setup fee

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Events Standard +SMS
Up to 1 event per monthFreeFree
Up to 5 events per month£75 + VAT p/m£90 + VAT p/m
Up to 10 events per month£125 + VAT p/m£150 + VAT p/m
Up to 20 events per month£210 + VAT p/m£260 + VAT p/m
Up to 50 events per month£350 + VAT p/m£500 + VAT p/m
Up to 100 events per month£595 + VAT p/m£845 + VAT p/m
Over 100 events per monthPOAPOA

TAME™ Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

TAME™ Use Pre-set Event Templates

Unlimited events / learners

4 x Admins (£100 / one-time per extra admins)

£499 + VAT setup fee (annual fee)

Branded system

Bespoke certificates

£1 per learner